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Don’t confuse that other site with this site we are different - though connected! You can read more about us here.

People First : - All Else Follows

Beyond Bridges : - People, Passion, Platforms

And Another Thing : - Two Chaps With Things On Their Mind : @Fractals : aggregation


Before came along, I used About Me as my launch pad. This will likely be phased out once I have consolidated everything here.

Facebook? No! Friends don’t let friends do Facebook - but I am in theprocess of launching some pages ….

People First on Facebook
Beyond Bridges on Facebook
And Another Thing on Facebook

John on Wordpress : it’s a space that has delivered may things in the past, but right now it is capturing my highlighted observations from things I read - together with a link back to the original article.

MicroBlog on Wordpress everything on syndicated to Wordpress. That syndication bit is a WIP …. once I have cracked it, this will become a link.

Isla-Mae password protected,

Helping Friends At Maui Yoga Loft

Helping Friends At Maui User Group

Helping Friends At Randall Rospond

One day I will connect these up and resolve them






Fractals @ Tumblr - Don’t Quote Me – Quote Them ….

Feedly Pinboard Bitly

Just 4 Phun (Humour) - Philpin Phun - yes Webservations Fractals @ Friendfeed

Lisa @ BB Roadtrips @ BB Humor @ Masterfeed @ Philpin. com has these sub sites ....
- empireavenue
- justgoodmusic
- humour
- isla-mae
- masterfeed
- microblog
- wnbc
- contact
- joanna
- john
- mac-site
- me

- photo albums - Phamous Photos – Not Phrom Philpin
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